October 28, 2009

Yarn Loot 2009

Forget all the boring SAFF details, what we really want is to pour over each others virtual shopping bags and see what goodies everyone scored.

Well my friends, I equipped myself with a shopping list, a budget and hit up the vendors. I bought only two items from my list and came in $40 under budget. Do not ask me how. The Knitting Gods were smiling on me, I guess.

Recently, I have been on a semi-solid /solid color kick. The varigated yarns are flashy like a $2 hooker, but never quite turns out the way you intended, ironically also like a $2 hooker (not that I would know). Which is my way of telling you, I bought the following yarn train:

It makes me happy just to line them up and look at them. It makes me happier to painstakingly review them individually for you. I'll wait while you go take a preemptive pain killer of your choice....

First up, Dream in Color 'Smooshy' (in Butter Peeps). I saw this last year when I bought the yarn from Bovidae Farms for my Gilmore Vest. I wanted to try it, but in 2008 I was very good at sticking to my list. Not so the case in 2009, when I saw another yellow sock yarn, it hit me that I didn't own any sock yarn in yellow. The perfect excuse to hoof it back to Bovidae Farms and lay down some cold cash for some Smooshy.

Next up, two skiens of Miss Babs Yowza-Whatta Skein (in Aubergine), also not on my shopping list. But it gave me a comforting reminder of how much I loved my Tree Jacket and how I might need another one. Honestly, I would have liked the exact same color, but I have an addiction to Miss Babs that must be fed.

And lastly, more Miss Babs Merino/Bamboo (in Light Gray). Alright, this one was on the list. I needed a grey aran weight for a pattern I have picked out and this is a lot of yardage in dk weight, so it should be fine with some fiddling. As a bonus it's got a little bamboo slink, which is making it hard for me not to use it to knit up another Lady February.

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