October 12, 2009

Nobody reads a title*

As my number of painfully paltry blogs posts might suggest, knitting has not been the forefront of my activities recently. All the room in my brain has been taken up by converting this:

and this (that's the crawl space under our home I am pointing to):

into this:

We recently redid our floors with a laminate-wood-panel flooring. We had this dreadful builder's grade carpet, or crapet as I like to call it, that was put into the house when it was rebuilt for sale 3 years ago (when we bought it). The crapet was berber and snagging every time I tried to vacuum. That means I was yanking up these huge runners and leave wonderful jute blanks where fiber was supposed to be. Mysterious stains and blotches were coming up all over the place, even though we don't eat over the crapet. Yes, we have pets, but in the other 3 houses/apartments I have been in with the exact same pets, I have always gotten excellent reviews on the carpet (without washing or steaming or any other professional cleaning of it). So the crapet had to go.

As you can saw above we had the original hardwood underneath that we chose not to refinish for several reasons:

1. It was in dreadful shape and I'm in no condition to help. (Still facing my medical condition.)
2. There are spots where it had been cut out for structural refinishing, like adding new floor joists.
3. In some places the flooring didn't quite make it to the wall.
4. A 60 lb dog isn't all that easy on a hardwood floor, while the laminate is a little more forgiving.
5. Construction dust. No.
6. We already bought the new flooring system.
7. My in-laws were there to help install said purchased flooring.
8. I restained some of my bookcases and already bought a new chair, ottoman and a fantastic new rug for the living room.

Maybe after I stop trying to solely recover the economy with home makeovers, I can get back to knitting. Ahem, a little shopping at SAFF this month may help!!

*The other day I was reading a blog and the first sentence really confused me. It apparently related back to the title and while I had recognized the fact that there was really a title there with words in bold at the top of the entry, I hadn't really read it and instead just skipped to the juicy bit. I ate around that title like the edges of a poptart. Anywho, the point is that titles always really stick me, so you get what you get today.


Hockey Mom said...

Yay! The floor looks great. You're coming to SAFF? Woo hoo! I hope to see you there.

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow the floor looks great! So did you seal up the crawl space? Or is there a cool trap door in the floor like in Scooby Doo?

See you at SAFF!!