September 24, 2009

Now you wear it, now you don't

This post as taken forever to actualize. I am so sick that I have done this to my own knitting. I did not want to post about it. But having finally past the stages of sorrow and anger, I am on to resignation.

In my resignation, this is the best picture I can muster. An on top of the dryer, next to the recycling sweater shot. Yes, this is a sweater you have seen before. It's my beloved Tree Jacket.

You've never seen it felted. That's right I "washed" it in a bowl of soak and put it into the dry to spin dry (which I have done with other tops before) and wha-la!

Felting. I knew there was a reason I didn't like it.


turtlegirl76 said...


Hockey Mom said...

Oh, the horror! Here, have some wine and chocolate. Then have a lie-down. I'm so sorry. I did the same thing to my lace shawl. I still haven't dealt with trying to see what I can do with it-hopefully turn it into a shoulder shawl.

grace said...

Nooooo! That hurts to look at.

elizabeth said...

OH NO!!!! That really, really sucks!