August 13, 2009


After a horrendous defeat-I won't even repeat the tale-I have made a victorious comeback.

After going round and round on four bitty socks and an oddly shaped dog sweater, I was craving some flat knitting, so I inhaled deeply and slowly while casting on the back of my Gilmore Vest for like the fourth time.

But this time I decided to follow the instructions, like a wise person might do on the first try. Me, it takes several more tries and many more months. But I catch on quick ;) so after many rows of things going right, I knit this puppy up over several Bones episodes. And I am oh, so happy with it.

( no a red as pictured here after a quick wet blocking)

Now I just have to knit up the front! I love not having sleeves looming on the horizon.


grace said...

Pretty! I love that red. I really think I should give vests another chance...especially since they don't require sleeves.

Jackie said...

YAY You! :) I'll have to go to rav to see that pattern...

Anonymous said...

MY GOSH! we are connected mentally, I just started my knitting again. Alas, I am just doing scarfs atm!!