October 29, 2009

A few independents

* This post is really hmmm....late. I was waiting for the funds to buy a new digital camera. I apologize for the post-dating, but the blogger in me really wants to keep things chronological.*

I supposed the goal of SAFF, or at least my goal at SAFF, is to support some of the non-commercial vendors there, which is exactly what the rest of my purchases did. I wanted to share them with you in case you got blindsided by the roving and yarn. It's okay, it happens to everyone.

First up is my FAVORITE item, even after purchasing some of the more edible items available this year....Buttons.

I saw these buttons by Clay Cat and they magically hopped into my bag. I noticed right away that they matched my Aubergine yarn from Ms. Babs, though I don't intend to use them together (but now I might just have to). And they came in the perfect number 3. All buttons should be sold in threes.* I am soooo glad that I made sure to visit way out in the back barn in my endeavor to spread the wealth.

Second up is my take home gift for the hubby. The way I see it if I bring him home surprises of the chocolate-kind he is more likely to not be upset when I announce my spending budget knowing I've set aside a little for fudge. And not just any fudge, goat's milk fudge. HeatherLane Farms Fudge (website) was a new vendor this year, I believe, but I hope they come back, so I can buy a bigger container next year! I took home the traditional chocolate, but they had three flavors out for sampling chocolate (obviously), peanut butter and a white variety-possibly vanilla-I can't say because I never really made it past the chocolate. Seriously, my wallet was open before I finished swallowing.

Most of you should know about the third vendor The Blue Ridge Soap Shed (website). He's there every year in the same spot with his baskets of soaps. I sure everyone has gotten soap from this vendor. I picked up a could of bars last year as trial Christmas favors, 'cause I can't really say soap is a gift. And my mom was utterly taken. She's big into the green culture (recycling, buying local, etc), so this one was a win-win. I picked up a couple of different scents for her and a few bars for the Hubby. Not because he wanted any soap, but because he wants what I do to him after he bathes with Stud Bubbles. Yum.

I was sad to see that the knitting needle jewelry person didn't come back this year. I couldn't justify spending the cash last year on earrings or bracelets. But I was sure to delegate part of my budget for it this year. I talked to my Mom about them and she put in a request for a few pieces, which was going to make her Christmas gift very easy. Soap + jewelry = Merry Christmas Mom, no thinking required.

And I think that rounds out my shopping experience this year at SAFF. When I get unlazyfied, I'll post what I learned in my class this year-STEEKING!

*That's a story for another day.


turtlegirl76 said...

I bet she was at stitches. But she's got an etsy shop!

elizabeth said...

I love those buttons! I can't believe I missed the fudge, but since we went to Chocolate Fetish before driving home, I can't say that I missed it. I bought soaps for gifts too, my hub likes a good-smelling soap. :o)