January 18, 2009

Pass me that dog butt!

I have been forever in getting these FO shots together because:

1. I don't have my own personal photographer, turtlegirl, nor do I have the desire to have fantastic hair.

2. For some reason I have not purchased a tripod, I must like taking crappy bathroom mirror shots.

3. It allows me to suddenly discover my sunglasses left under the grill on the porch....

4. In fact, I am super lazy-BUSY! I mean busy!

5. Photography requires my husband and I to rearrange time sharing with all our pets. psst hooman, 4 dis I'm gonna ned moar treats.

This was really a 2008 FO but as you are all really aware, I am nothing if not mediocre. So this FO is coming to you in the new year.

Pattern: Tree Jacket by Zephyr style
Yarn: Ambrosia by the cheapyarnwithpoorshipping website in colorway Sangria
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: I should have made this knit a much closer fit. I like it and will even where it out in public repeatedly, but it would have been tons better if I had stopped making increases on the arm portion of the raglan increases. I had to decrease immediately in the *ahem* armpit of the arms so that the sleeves didn't swallow me whole. I would have also continued the garter stitch to somewhere other than the middle of my boobs. (They are small enough, I don't need to try to divide them in half again to appear smaller.) I recommend knitting Lady February first. It has better directions and will help you know what you require shape-wise to look good. All in all, I'd recommend this to anyone as a good knit.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh! I love it! It's a great color on you! The fit may not be as close as you'd like, but I bet it's cozy as hell!

Virtuous said...

:o) Haha! @ fantastic F.O. pics like Cristi

Gurl I be over here trying too! But it is hard to find somebody!! And someone who "gets" it! Haha! ;op

Your tree jacket looks great on you!! I like it and think it is a great fit!

Happy 2009 Jen!!

Hockey Mom said...

Hoomin did an awesome job! The color is great and the sweater is beeyootiful!