October 13, 2008

February in October?

Let's Review:
8-23-08 Doh! I managed to run out of yarn before finishing!

9-6-08 Yarn is ordered. Just waiting for it to come into my not-so-LYS store.

9-20-08 Yarn finally arrived for me to pick up.

10-11-08 Yes, it took two weeks to muster the strength to knit up two little sleeves.

Pattern: EZ's February Sweater (Knitter's Almanac)
Yarn: Louet Gems Opal (sport weight) in Pink Panther (MC) and Crabapple Blossom (CC)
Needles: US 4s
Mods: Design detail lifted from Kaphine on ravlery. This is why Ravelry is so awesome. I'd have never thought to do this on my own.

How about some silly photos? If you don't have a baby to model your fresh off the needles FO you gotta find a good substitute. Furry ones work just fine if you can get them to cooperate.

Nigel only lasted long enough for me to snap these two shots. I don't think pink is his color, perhaps if it was a cheery red to bring out his ginger coloring he might have proved more helpful.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Nigel and Ripple will be in a kitty bar someday, having a drink together and trying to top each other with crazy cat lady stories about what their humans dressed them up in.

Cute sweater!