September 23, 2008

Serving up a plateful of Yarn Pron

With the month of September settled in and SAFF just around the corner, my resolve to decrease my yarn purchases is weakening at a most astonishing rate. I suspect it has something to do with my ability to see my 30 cent raise as bigger than it really is.

Saturday on a trip to w-mart, I made a driveby at the most-local-to-me-yarn-store and picked up some yarn to finish off a few projects.

I got another skein of sport weight Louet in pink panther to finish up this little diddy and three skeins of the worsted weight in grape to get this fabulously squishy monster off my plate. Are you sick of these projects yet?

Not me! The February Sweater is so ingenious that I just keep wanting to knit it. Good thing too, because I have added to enough yarn to my SAFF shopping list to make a woman sized one. Similarly, the hearts and stars blankie is just mindless enough without being completely mind numbing. I just love the feel of it in my lap. This is one baby item I will be hoarding for myself, especially after I consider the cost of 7 bought-in-store skeins of Louet...

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I have recently discovered that knitting them up is way more fun than writing about them! Ta-Ta!

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Janet Richards said...

I saw the sweater on Ravelry and love it! I've been on a mini-BSJ kick, but i've got to try that Feb sweater. I loved your version :)