October 14, 2008

Comments from the peanut gallery

TURBOchic: Do you think I should fix it?
Hubby: Is it for us or someone else?
TURBOchic: Us.
Hubby: Leave it.

...weaving in last ends....

TURBOchic: Look Honey! *wiggles hanging blanket to catch his attention*
Hubby: Am I supposed to ohhhh and ahhhh now?
TURBOchic: Yes.
Hubby: ohhhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhh.
TURBOchic: You may feel it.
Hubby *reaches over to stroke surface*
TURBOchic: Feel how squishy it is! *passes blankie*
Hubby: Am I supposed to put it on my lap like an old man blanket? *as he is spreading it over his legs* (Obviously, my DH has never learned the PC terminology for lap blanket or lap quilt.)

After asking for all these opinions you think I'd realize that yes, it bothers me and I just need to rip and reknit it. But nooooooo, I want a good psychological backup. I want to be able to blame someone else if anyone ever notices the error. Well, I took a poll and they all said leave it.

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