October 7, 2008

Purple Squishy Love

Hearts and stars has a few whoopsie moments.

First, I didn't buy enough yarn in the same dye lot at once. Before you brand me 'noob,' you should know that I didn't plan on knitting this when I first bought the yarn. I planned and completed something completely different. This project started out of the remnants. I could take EZ's advice and alternate the dyelots for a few rows and make the change less visible, but at the (second) stopping point I knitted all but the last few inches of my yarn up out of excitement. Y'all know what I mean, the fact that you knit fast the closer to the end of the skein on an unfinished project just to see how far you'll go. Alas...

Secondly, besides this retarded blogger turning the picture sideways, the new yarn is slightly lighter weight and I used the size needle the book called for (US 5) and not the size US 7s that I used originally. I didn't realize this until the 100 yards which should have only knit up 53 rows suddenly was able to finish all 59 rows and a bind off, plus a few extra yards to spare. All factors combined, this effectively shrinks my gauge by, oh say, a couple inches? Oops.

What do y'all think? Should I rip the whole thing out and redo it? Should I knit it up on larger needles to try to even out my gauge?

1 comment:

turtlegirl76 said...

I wouldn't bother redoing it. It looks just fine. You could try blocking it out if it bothers you.