August 26, 2008

February in August

While the Spring Forward socks marinated in time out, I found myself digging around in my stash for a quickie. I found just under a 100g skein of sport weight Louet in baby pink that would be perfect for my girl friend whose giving birth to a little girl this December. (You know how I love to knit baby items...) Plus, I still had my new EZ book tempting me to work up one of her projects. Can you see where this is leading? Straight to EZ's February Sweater? Don't you know it.

I checked yardage on ravelry and thought that I could sneak by with my lone skein by making up the missing measurements with the help of a pretty little detail I saw another raveler use. By this point I began feeling rather clever using up the last of the pink yarn from this project.

It was almost obscene as I sniggered to myself while rifling through my (very limited) button stash for the oh-so-perfect buttons that I already owned. So very adorable!

Such a quick little knit! Before I knew it I was getting to the last of my skein.

Just a tad too early. That left arm is only 1/2 way knitted up and the poor right arm doesn't even exist at all. But you remember that I was rather clever about this whole project so I already had to options at my beck and call. First, I could check out ravelry for someone with a partial skein. Ravelry don't fail me now, I prayed.

Ravelry I hate you, I cursed as it failed me, but I have a back up plan. I was headed to my mother's the next day and I knew the little yarn shop near her had Louet stocked. I remembered from last time I visited. Yarn Garden don't fail me now! *A two hour drive later* DOH! They stopped carrying Louet, because of poor communication with the distributor.

Anyone got any Louet gems (opal) sport weight in pink panther they want to get rid of? The left sleeve is sad and alone. There's a cold little baby being born in December that needs to be wrapped in love made from wool. *tear* I'll buy or trade.


turtlegirl76 said...

D'oh! Did you post in the ISO & Destash group? Surely someone has some. IT's too cute to leave sleeveless!

elizabeth said...

Oh no! Could you make it short/3/4 length sleeved? Use a little red?

Anonymous said...

I am soooo bringing you buttons from my stash. You know you buy the same sweater in like 3 colors and you get a ton of extra buttons. Anyway, I love the cute sweater and I agree with Elizabeth and make it a shorter sleave with some more red.