September 9, 2007

Baby FOs glore

It's about time we had a happy post here at TURBOchic Knits! And what better way to inspire giddiness in every knitter than by posting some FOs-Baby FOs at that.

First up we have the answer to the mystery project from two posts ago. It's a baby wrap!

Baby Wrap: From Debbie Bliss's Special Knits knitted in the smallest size 3 to 6 months.
Yarn: La's Laboratory in 'Wineaux' on size 4 needles.

Also pictured is the start of another set of herringbone booties. The first set went to live with this wonderful baby and I liked them so much I am knitting up another pair.

I love how easy they are to knit up and equally good for either gender. The lacy tops are feminine and the blue is more on the baby boy side, but I think they could go either way. After all, blue isn't restricted to boys and babies, boys or girls, can where elegant lacy things when they are super small. (Think back to Victorian Christening gowns.)

Okay, so the booty isn't quite a complete FO, but everybody knows seaming doesn't count. Colorful dancing flowers, and warm, fuzzy kittens-This is supposed to be a happy post, so just go with me on the whole seaming thing.

***The Hubby and I watched a few minutes of Spider-man (1) today and I would like to point out the first televised knitting where the "knitter" is actually knitting. Aunt May is throwing the yarn with her left hand and it's looks to me as if she has many years of experience ;)***

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