April 17, 2007

FO weekend

I have recently discovered that I am a process knitter. By that I do not mean that I am a perfectionist, or even detail oriented in my knitting. Nor does it mean that I do not enjoy casting off those final few stitches from my needles. Rather it means that I enjoy the different stages of making the final product, and like most knitters my very favorite bit is the casting on part. Oh, the excitement of a new pattern and the silky touch of only the best yarn! This is closely followed with the feelings of pride and relaxation as you finish an item. Finally a new thing all for you to enjoy or to vicariously enjoy through a well placed gift!

However much I like casting on a new project, having too many on the needles sends me into fits. Too many projects cause me to have heart palpitations as I flit between them. It's as if more than three projects cause my love of knitting to spread too thin between them and taking my knitting mojo with it.

That's what I discovered this past weekend as I required myself to finish off projects if not completely, then to an almost completed degree or an acceptable stopping point. No more half finished sleeves floating around, or unseamed garments. No barely begun patterns hogging up my good needles, or mostly finished items in every corner of every room. I was tidying up my prolific knitting. But incomplete socks were breeding behind my knitting recliner producing partially knitted booties. Sweaters without sleeves were hiding next to sofa rallying up vests and summer tops. A single wrist was in the bedroom plotting against all other pairs! My unfinished ventures were consuming the house and my desire to knit with them.

Sunday, I conquered those bits, pieces and final touches on most of my projects:

1. Seamed the bottom of the Fushia Booties to the tops and have decided that I really hate Zoe Mellor for not attaching them in the first place.

2. Finished the knitting back of my Debbie Bliss fair isle project and blocked it. I have decided that she is a most clever designer that one. Really enjoying this one.

3. Whipped up the matching Herringbone Bootie, also from Zoe Mellor. The bottom was already attached this time.

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