September 11, 2007


Today is my one year anniversary at my job! (Well, one year anniversary if you don't count all those summers I worked to get the job.) The hubby and I are going out for lunch at a wonderful little " chocolate caffe" called Michaelee's to celebrate. It's packed to the gills every time you go in, due to it's only being open for lunch. We've eaten there once before, you know to scope it out, so I know that the food is to die for, but we haven't eaten dessert there yet.

This is super exciting for us as we are also just passing the mark for owning our house a whole year as well. However, I am quickly learning that houses cost a lot of money, time and effort. While I love being able to piddle around the yard, let my dog poop where ever she feels like it, put permanent holes in the walls, and of course, not paying rent. It also takes it's tolls on your stress level. All that stress is going to be released today while we celebrate because-

Today there will be dessert! I will raise my glass to a job well done! I will nod my head to a house made into a home. I will not think about the ramifications of adding an extra $30 bucks on something we both deserve. I will enjoy the meal I pick out the way it's supposed to be eaten dripping in olive oil. I will order the extra dessert for myself!

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