August 15, 2007

So I lied.

I said that I would post every day on vacation and apparently I was telling the world's largest fib. It seems that when you purposely do not go anywhere on vacation so that you can stay home and be pretty much turn into a slug and moving the mouse to read your favorite blogs becomes a chore. And by you, I mean me. I have done no knitting (alright, I progressed an entire two inches on the leg of one sock), no cooking (the cats decided that we no longer needed the $49 enamel pot large enough to hold ANYTHING by knocking it around and cracking the enamel) and well, not much of anything else at home either.

And since I have gone back to work I have worked 13 hours a day everyday, due to next week's impending arrive of students. I have done no planning for the instructions for my new slaves (er, student workers....) because I have been too busy rounding up the final paper work for every kid who has financial aid. Pretty much I come home and sleep, just to get up again to work another long day. It's exhausting.

Can't make sense of any of the previous mentioned stuff? Good. Neither can the dog. PoPo's schedule has been turned completely upside down. One week we are home 24/7, the next we are gone 24/7. Thank goodness, she is not in the puppy chewing phase anymore.

Here I'll distract you with a picture of a Baby:

Some good friends of ours just had a baby girl and they sent pics. Here she is at two weeks old. We added the caption and sent it back. No reply from the parents yet.

p.s. We think their new daughter is ADORABLE! And of course, the best baby ever born.

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