September 6, 2007

I am ready for SAFF

I was going to have a very happy and upbeat post about finishing the mystery WIP from last Wednesday instead real life came crashing down on me. I mean that literally.

Event One:
I came thisclose to BO mystery object when....I ran out of yarn.

Event Two:
Remain calm Jen the world will not end. This knit was "for fun" and does not have to be perfect. "No problem, I'll just find some more," I tell myself. This, my friends, was all the "extra" I could get my grubby little paws on-a swatch in an unknown gauge. (Dime for size reference.) Time to just set that one aside.

Event three:
We discovered why our heating bill was so huge last winter. The house we bought apparently has no flu in the chimney and all the hot air was going right out of it. So we Ghetto-rigged it to stop air flow. We hate this (non-working even prior to our discovery) fireplace, but can not afford to rip it out and sheet rock over it. One day...One Day...

Event four:
ALL this was on the floor last night. We have a friend whom we are playing host to and I had to give up my extra closet, so all my clothes are crammed in here. So many clothes in fact, they exceeded the weight limit and the rack just fell off the wall. (This is the literal crashing part.) This is just my shirts and some jeans y'all. So we ran to Home-Depot and grabbed a couple more support bars and prayed that they will hold.

Event five:
My husband locked the dog and I out of the house this morning even though he saw us outside and kissed me goodbye. That man's auto pilot works a little two well, I had to run across the street to the neighbor's at 8:45 in the morning in my pajama's and braless state (THANK GOD I HAD A JACKET ON!) to ask to use the phone. Did I mention the neighbors have two small children? Yeah, I'm sure she was pleased to see me.

So there, you have it. To borrow the words of Jen and La: My week has been crap-tacular. I feel like some one has baked me a shit-pie for my birthday. Anyone else had a day that was finished before 9:30?

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