February 5, 2007

Not your normal knitting post

As most of you who read regularly, know I have a very stream of consciousness blog. For that reason, I am having a very hard time composing a entry that makes any sense. So just go with me on this one.

I debated for a few days on what to write here, if at all. I don't typically use this area as a diary unless something really stupid happens. Of course, I complain about the Hubby not really understanding my yarn addiction, but that doesn't really classify that as diary worthy for a whole other set of reasons. However, I feel that I should apologise for what might become a lengthy absence from this blog or at least a boring repeat of same old same old entries.

As you know the Hubby and I recently bought a new house. A very small and cute house, but a very expensive (for our budget) house. Sadly, this is one of cheaper houses in our area. Recently, we went through Christmas, two car insurance payments, and a life insurance payment on top of our already stretched to the max budget to make the house payments. Really, there is no room for any extras like yarn or eating out. I'm not really even sure how we are going to make all our bills this month. It's that tight.

I have hit the level of upset. I'm at the point of if I don't think about it maybe it will go away, which as anyone who really knows me is COMPLETELY unlike me. I am OCD about things like this. I keep amortization schedules on the computer to follow along with our loans and have a excel budget I fill in each month to keep up with our finances. In the past, I have stressed so much about about a problem, such as the defense of my thesis, I lost my period. It would appear that I like to stress about issues in my life. But with this, I have hit a whole new level of stress called complete denial.

I even contemplated not addressing my public (HA! my public) with my person crisis and instead, pretending that everything is a-okay, while trying to pass off the Weasley sweater and sock progress as an entire month or more of entries. Obviously, I won't be getting any new yarn to play with anytime soon, with the exception of the sock yarn I won from La. (For this I am truly grateful.) So, some of my works in progress will stay that way. Please bear with me during this setback. I promise to try not to depress you all with TMI on the subject.


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flwrhead said...

Hey, I started spinning recently and I'd like to send you some sock yarn to knit with - if you'd be willing to give me feedback on how it is to knit with, do you like the colors, etc. Interested? email me at trailingyarn - at - bellsouth - dot - net.