August 30, 2006

In which I keep a secret...

I've been holding on to a secret for as best as possible for quite some time now. Holding onto secrets is not one of my better qualities. You could say that I'm a bit of a gossip, even. However, if you are still using the tried and true sixth grade "don't tell [insert boys name here] that I like him, [but really do tell him]" method of communication, I'm your go to guy. A proverbial fountain of community knowledge. Need to know what business is going into the new empty lot in town? Or who's getting a divorce soon? Or selling something-like lawn mowers, not drugs. I'm not that knowledgeable. So really, only about 15 of my closest friends and family know this secret, which is really containing it for me. But really, I blog about my personal life on the internet, who is really gonna believe I can keep a secret in the first place?

So this secret, which is not really a secret, finally came into life today officially. We bought our first home! Now, of course it is slightly smaller than we would have liked, but it was within the price range and it had all the things on both our requirement lists. We will not revisit The Lists. They are not fun things to discuss with loved ones. So without any further ado--

Our charming little house.

We are very excited about the it, especially since the closing has been dragging out for days. We were supposed to close on the 24th and we (i.e. the mortgage company) finally got everything together today. We even moved a few boxes over today and discussed plans for PoPo's new fence for unsupervised outdoor time!

Please may I have a fenced in yard? I'll be ever so good!

Next up is my attempt to use up all of the leftover's from Ocean and Ocean Katja. So, now we have Ocean Booties, and I still have enough for at least another bootie. This may be a good thing, because I figure it's prolly easy to loose baby socks. I mean look how small it is in M's hand! They should sell socks in triplicate*, they package movies that way now, why not socks. Just because you have two feet doesn't mean three socks is over kill.

Some poor child (mine) is going to be decked out in this yarn.

Nigel presents you with "the butt." That means that he ready to move in to the new house already. Windows, ledges and crevasses have to be explored and there are a whole new colonies of bugs to terrorize.

* This idea is copyrighted mine as of right now. Feel free to make any attempts to steal this clever marketing ploy as it's use would be viewed as theft in a court of law and you will owe me gross amounts of money. Really, because M and I could use the money to pay off our new house.


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kristi and otis said...

Congrats and yeah for PoPo! Hey, I was just taking a bunch of baby booties out of their plastic to organize them into drawers and stated, "these are gonna be the biggest pain in my arse to match up!" You're onto to something with the triplicate thing!

Jen said...

Congrats on the house and, the booties are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!