January 31, 2007

"Hey you"

...was the name I responded to in high school. Not "Jennifer," "Jennie" (as I went my in middle school, with an IE not a Y thankyouverymuch) , or even "Jen." A girlfriend of mine, at the time, completely gave up on the use of my name an just began yelling "Hey You!" down the hall because it got a better reaction from me. I just stopped answering to it and went on voice recognition instead. It became utterly useless to reply to just anyone calling out any variation of my name. I use that term loosely. There were just so many damn Jennifer's from the 80's. And I can prove it. Why am I telling you this?

Because when I read the name Jen as the winner on today's entry on JenLa's blog I naturally assumed it wasn't me. Didn't even bother with the hyperlink. I was too busy oogling the gorgeous merlot yarn and pondering the swearing that might slip from my lips should I even consider attempting Forest Path's lace work. The reference completely slipped my mind as I continued reading about socks. Both of which items are on my new year's resolutions.

La had to actually email me to get my attention. She should have just hyperlinked Hey You! It would have totally gotten my attention. Because you never know when random people may be trying to get your attention. (Oh, come on....you know you love hearing about yourself. Don't lie.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH LA! I am floored. This is the first time I've won a blog contest and most certainly the first time I've won yarn. And really mah peeps, is there anything thing better than free yarn? I think not.

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