February 22, 2011

The Land of Ugh

Keeping in line with one of my previous posts, I have another ugh moment to share with you.  Let's face it knitting isn't always sunshine, lollipops and fabulous FOs.  Sometimes it's less of a hobby and more of a chore.

Enter my Hourglass sock (rav) stage left.  This sock will be my undoing.  It not incredibly hard, but it's just so not me.  I've been fighting this fact since August 2010 when I cast it on.  In fact, it seems that I have had such a rough relationship with them I've only made two very small references to them ever on this blog. First here by name and at the very bottom of this post in passing.  Now a sock and a half later, I will bow my head and trudge forward, because at this point I just want them done.

The only picture I have of these socks is the first sock partially completed and posted to rav.  Apparently, I could not be bothered with putting it on a sock blocker and composing a shot.  That could have be foreshadowing what was to come, but I remained oblivious.

There are some WIPs-mainly sweaters, but a few socks too-that I have frogged when I came to this realization.  Mostly I feel comfortable ripping back at the start of a project.  But a sock with just a second foot left to go, even with it's eleventy billion stitches, seems too small a project to abandon.  What about y'all? Have you ever just gritted your teeth and bared it?

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