February 23, 2011

It's the little things

My tag line for this blog  reads "Knitting at unsafe speeds."  I think I should take a moment to clarify that this does not refer to a lightening quick FO production.  I think my lack of blog posts speaks for itself.
Instead my tag line refers to the portion of my brain which goes unused while knitting along without stopping.  You know the bit that doesn't pause and say "WHOA there fella, you hate purling and that's pretty much all this pattern is" while the rest of my brain-it's gotta be like  2%-says "Oh gee this looks like fun!"  For example, my recently proclaimed troubled relationship with the Hourglass socks.  It's the bit that responsible for my entire collection of knits in timeout (but eventually destined for the frog pond).   It's also the part that didn't speak up when I decided to knit a colorwork baby blanket in cotton

Since, I've recently demonstrated my ineptitudes I take pride in the fact that I finally did the following.  It only took 2 months to get it done.
  1. Crocheted up a chain to use as a belt on Lil Bit's Ernie Pants. 
You thought there would be more than one item on that list?  Nope.  That's it.  And I'm happy about it.

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