January 26, 2011

Muppet Fur

While shopping for party supplies for Lil Turbo's first birthday I found some yarn on sale.  Yes, I found bargain yarn at a party supply store.  They also had toilet bowl cleaner.  I live in the sticks.  Shut up.  As you might imagine, it wasn't the highest quality yarn.  Dude, if that shop carried Malabrigo yarn for cheap there's no way I would be posting about it.  I would be skipping work and camping out in front of the store to make sure I had first dibs.

Anyway, now that I've shown you the dark side of knitting....My new yarn purchase. 

copyright Lion Brand Yarn website

I have plans for this to become a reusable sw!ffer duster cover.  The brand name refills cost on average $8.00 for a pack of six.  My yarn cost $4.00 for both skeins.  I'm hoping that two yarns held together will result in extrafantasticfurrydusttrappingability.  If it doesn't workout I haven't lost any huge investment.  But I am hopeful, because the sw!ffer mop covers I knitted up a what seems forever ago have held up quite well (turns out it was ages ago) .

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turtlegirl76 said...

I need to make one of those for the shop. We have the Swiffer, but no cover. A yarn shop MUST have a knitted cover. Might as well be fun fur. Might move some of that stuff off the shelves.