January 29, 2011


Sorry on the delay from my poll on the next color square for the sock blanket. The weekends kind of got away from me.  First, I was delaying it a week for more votes and then it was three weekends later!

So here we have the winner in the microwave before the any heating has taken place.  I used the w@l-m@art brand Kewl-Aid in 'lemonade.'

Ignore the gross uncleaned insides.

Then after after one minute of nuking the water, drink mix and knitted square.  You'll notice the water is slightly more clear.  That's what you're going for with Kewl-Aid dyeing. You want devoid the water to of any color.

I really should have cleaned my microwave before shooting photos.

This is after two minutes and that's as clear as the water ever got.  I nuked it a minute longer, but it never got any more transparent than this.  I wonder if it as anything to do with the brand difference?

You know this means that I will scrub the insides of the microwave tonight in preparation for the next photo shoot and it will be dirty all over again when I take the photos.

And here's the final product wet blocking on my kitchen counter!  Because things tend to look a little darker when wet, I believe that this will turn out a nice pale color yellow.

It will fit nicely into my rainbow collection of squares for the sock blanket, don't you think?

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turtlegirl76 said...

Most definitely it will blend right in! I love the perky yellow!