January 25, 2011

Do over

I've finally gotten around to starting another tree jacket (rav).  I loved the color of my last one, so I decided to remake this one in the same color.  I'm using Ms. Babs yarn purchase from SAFF 2009. 

It's gauge is slightly smaller than that called for in the pattern.  This shouldn't pose a problem as it's knit from the top down and I can try it on as I go.  Why am I getting the feeling like those are some famous last words?  Oh, rigghtThe Undead Vest.

Still, so far it looks great. 

Oh second thought, maybe I should have styled my hair....

I'm knitting at a slower pace which seems to be natural for this do over.  I know what to watch out for-extra large sleeves-and I know that the final product will be something that I will not only wear, but wear often.  So, there's no need to rush to the end.  Instead, I am knitting in snatches here and there so that I  can enjoy it for a long time.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh I like this! Alot! A whole lot!

PS. It matches my coat. Just sayin.