September 24, 2007

Happy Knitting

I cast off TWO projects last night, which always makes for a happy Jen. One of these projects is the first pair of socks for myself knit out of WhiteWillow's sock yarn. I can not begin to say how much I adore this independent seller on etsy. Every color Brooke makes I want to own and my hubby is really tired of finding drool on the keyboard. This yarn makes me burn with a desire hotter than the afterburners on a Colonial rapture (to borrow a phrase from Yarn Harlot) .

What you can not see in the above picture is that one sock is knit ankle down and the other is knit toe-up. Yes, I have conquered the toe-up-ness and have learned a very important lesson. That lesson would be that I get to use my beloved sewn "tubular" rib bind off which looks phenomenal I might add.

The work camera is a wonderful thing.

The second cast off object was also cast on last night. There is a very warm tingly feeling that floods into my spine whipping this out in one night. Sorry Aimee, you not the only thing that give me that feeling! ;)
(Click for bigger)

I want to thank Laurie for posting her friend Cathy working on her swiffer pad Sunday. I had cast on for this dishcloth and wasn't feeling the love because I prefer smaller, fits in the hand sized, dishcloths when I was perusing through and immediately decided my new dishcloth would be much better suited being a swiffer pad. I love the fact that it's adorable (yes, it is thankyouverymuch) , washable and therefor environmental safe and much more cost effective!

So there you have it! It was a very happy knitting day for me. I hope everyone else is having some happy knitting for themselves.


funfairiegirl said...

Well - I hope that hubby gives you that feeling too. I mean really.

I finished 2 projects this weekend. Now I am back on the cardie and my arm is killing. KILLING me from all the damn cables.

Fattie said...

I love those socks! And thanks alot, now I have to peek at the Etsy page and no doubt fall in love too. :-p BTW the color of the Jitterbug I am using on Pomatamus is Sahara. Really lovely stuff. Ha! Now something you may have to have, we're even. :-)