November 23, 2010

Knitting is for the Dogs

-My dog that is.  I am reaching the finish line for PoPo's Cabled Delight.  Based off of Jill Eaton's Cabled Delight for little dogs, I've heavily modified for my-wonderfully-large-in-desperate-need-of-clothes-dog.  Basically, the only think similar about this pattern is the color and the fact that it's cabled.

My dog's measurements are by circumference unless otherwise noted and taken at her largest girth.  Poor PoPo.  She's gonna be totally embarrassed if she finds out I am posting her her burlesque figure's measurements online.  You know cause dogs get embarrassed by these things...  
  • Collar 15"
  • Bust 28"
  • Belly 21" (length)
  • Back 18" (length)

Her best fitting sweater (PoPosaurus Rex), which despite it's acrylic nature has become a little misshapen:
  • Collar 21"
  • Bust 29"
  • Belly 13" (length)
  • Back 23" (length)

My working notes:
  • Knit from the bottom up cast on 66 stitches in 6x2 cabled rib (repeats of 8 +2).  Start with 2 purled.  About 12 inches wide.
  • Knit in pattern for about 6 inches, or the length between the start of the tail and the bottom of the ribs.
  • Increase one stitch at each end every other row until 12 inches long.  On PoPo, this is the point at which her chest ends and her belly begins.  I like to follow the edge her ribs as a guideline for increases.  A edging knitted on later will add more coverage to her sizes.
  • Cast of 44 stitches (or enough stitches to cover the distance between sides) and begin knitting in the round. 
  • Knit for 7 inches or until you reach front legs.  If your dog is barrel shaped like PoPo, multiple tryons will help you add length for proper fit.  I cast on less stitches than would fit her at her widest point, so the stretch of the material around her "bust" decreases the overall length of the sweater.
    You can see I originally planned for decreases prior to the leg openings before deciding on using negative ease to accommodate her barreliness.
  • For the placement of the leg holes, I used the measurements on PoPosaurus Rex.  This sweater doesn't bunch between her legs, nor does it pull awkwardly.  I placed 15 stitches (about 3 inches) for each leg on stitch holders on each side of the center line with about the 5 inches of sweater between her legs. 
  • Knit the back separately from the chest panel for 3 inches.  Break yarn.  Knit the chest panel for the same distance.
  • Join in round again making sure to cast on for the 15 stitches per leg opening.
  • Begin decreasing at the outside edge of each leg opening.  I used the Rainbow Pooch Sweater (rav) pattern as inspiration on how I wanted my decreases to look.  I carried my decreases through the purled section of the ribbing, so that my outside cables would "travel" up and in across the chest.

Photo copyright Caron®
  • Continue knitting until the desired collar circumference is reached.
  • Switch to 2x2 ribbing for desired collar length.  I'm planning on about 2 inches.

It's a race to the finish line to see if my yarn will hold out.  I still need to pick up stitches for the leg openings and the bottom hem.  I know I don't have enough purple to finish it out.  I don't mind the idea at all of a contrasting color like the natural from my hemlock ring blanket, but I think don't even have that!

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