November 22, 2010

Lofty plans

I was so enamored with my Aphrodite yarn,  I made immediate plans to use it as contrast color for the Drops 116-1 a pattern (rav).

When I got home, I made immediate plans to purchase more of the yarn for the main color from knitwitch's online shop.  In my head it was a beautiful grey.  On her website it was non existent, but no matter.  I emailed her and she dyed up a special lot for me.  Meet Pegasus:

I am smitten.  It's perfect. 

I dove for my needles only to realize...I bought the wrong weight both times.  It's a dk weight.  The drops pattern calls for a sport weight.  Let me reiterate that for you. I bought dk weight yarn at 21-24 sts per 4 inches, the pattern requires a sport weight at 24 sts per 4 inches.  It's feasible, I clamour. It's not that bad a difference. I'll just knit down a size, I tell myself.  My knitwitch yarn is an 8ply (11 wpi) according to Ravelry and the pattern is requires 5 ply (12 wpi).

So I start hunting the needles I need again.  And the same realization hits me in the face.  That's the difference of a size 5 or 6 needle required for my yarn and a size 2 needle required for my project. 

So follow Knitters, do I continue this delusion any farther and swatch?  or would you pick another yoked cardigan pattern?

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turtlegirl76 said...

I've subbed her DK for a worsted weight before. It came out the perfect size as a result. Hell I didn't even do a gauge swatch. I lived dangerously! But I really think you'll be ok. Just swatch. On normal size needles. Give it a shot at least. Or at least get a gauge you like and match it up to a size in the pattern that will work for you.