February 29, 2008

101 Unique Uses for a Stalled Hemlock Ring Blanket.

After working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket with Cristi's options needles, I've decided to order all the cables and needles necessary to complete an options set of my own. Sadly, I have to wait until March 5th to to get the re-released needle case. Now I have a three week period that my hemlock ring blanket will sit in hibernation until my needles arrive. What will I do with it until then? I have been developing some ideas as it sits there and glares at me from it's unfinished state.

1. Don't have a sock bag to carry around your knitting? No problem! You can use it your Incomplete Hemlock Ring to hold your ball of yarn.
2. Need more storage? Simply hang your Incomplete Hemlock Ring from the corner of your craft room and fill to the brim with your favorite yarns.
3. Cat needs a bath? Good thing you didn't finish your Hemlock Ring. While it's still on the needles you can use it as a drawstring bag to dunk your kitty.
4. Fashion conscious? The Incomplete Hemlock Ring makes a fabulous tam for your dreads.

5. Lost you night deposit bag? Load your cash up in the sturdy Incomplete Hemlock Ring bag and drop if off at your convenience.

6. Can't fit all your knitting in to your vacation packing? Easy, load your vacation packing into your Incomplete Hemlock Ring knitting! Wa-La! Throw it over your shoulder and you're ready to go!
7. Tired of that old lamp shade? Cover it! (The Incomplete Hemlock Ring can also be used as a dust cover for those hard to reach lamps.)

8. Unwanted visitors? Drop your Incomplete Hemlock Ring into a full aquarium and tell them your raising octopi. for dinner. Yum!

[You didn't really think I'd have a picture of that did you?
It was hard enough getting the cat into it.]


Hockey Mom said...


Got any uses for stalled teenagers?

J.P. said...

Wow.. what creative uses!

ikkinlala said...

It almost looks like it's more useful before it's finished (I have a hard time believing that your dog has dreads, though).

Virtuous said...

Too funny!!! :op

And you will LUV your Options needles!

Anonymous said...

You are just WRONG for the dreads picture of that poor sweet girl. Nice imagination though. Good to see you making use out of your projects before they are actually finished instead of just laying around the house in individual bags...