January 1, 2008

WIP Wednesdays

Hearts and Stars Blankie

You saw the skeins at Christmas. Now see them in formation. Okay, so you're seeing two completely knitted up and the third is just attached by a few rows. However, (you knew there was a "however" coming, didn't you?) this was the progress as of last Friday, only 3 days after Christmas. That's like TWO HUNDRED PLUS YARDS knitted in THREE DAYS! I've calculated for every hundred yards I get about 55 rows, plus the four rows from the new skein. So really what you have here is 114 rows in three days. Am I mightily impressed with myself? Yes. Yes, I am.

Speaking of impressive things, I also modified the star chart so be less spindly and more chubby. (Nobody likes a skinny star.) Evidence can be seen in the difference between the stars on row on and row 2, 3, and 4. Yes, I am actually patting myself on the back for that. Knitting feats like this should not be overlooked. Dammit, I knit that. I deserve some appreciation for it!

But as you all know with every knitting challenge overcome, another one comes to bite you in the ass. The pattern calls for seven rows of hearts and stars and, as you can see, I am just 23 rows into the 36 row pattern on the fourth repeat. Additionally, there are ten rows of seed stitch between each repeat, plus one additional seed st border. Which means that I am about... *breaks out pen and paper*

...three skeins short. Again. Why am I so cheap that I can't spring for all the yarn at once? Oh well, one year long break between yarn excursions and dye lots made no difference what so ever, why would another year long hiatus from this project make any difference? Also, my hand is still killing me, so I refuse to feel guilt about taking another little break on it.

I still think that I did some fabulous work there.


Anonymous said...

you did an awesome job. i love the color and everything. just think, your birthday rolls around in 3 months. well, two and a day. :) so maybe you will get the replinishment then. If you happen to let someone know where to pur-chase them!!


nova said...

I think it's pretty fabulous too! Good work!