September 15, 2008

Jen's Laboratory

I love pronouncing laboratory (lab-ruh-tohr-ee) as luh-bor-uh-tohr-ee just like Dexter. It makes me feel just like a real scientist....

Moving on.

I have confiscated the stove as part of my new laboratory.

In my vain attempts to be a cheapskate, I had purchased some cotton yarn by su@ar 'n cream to dye for knitting up this sweet little cap (rav link). Or was it pe@ches and creme? Who knows. Who cares?! Anywho, I thought I could dye it with kool-aid, 'cause whenever I drink kool-aid I always end up with a huge stain down the front of my shirt. Chuckling my best evil scientist laugh, I divided up my skein into fifths with the bit designated for purple slightly smaller as it's used near the top in smaller amounts.

I heated the water, I added my pre-wetted cotton yarn and quickly go nowhere. See, I forgot that the kool-aid method only works with protein based fibers, like those from an animal. (See previous statement.) Doh! So, I busted out my post Easter sale egg dying kits to try to redeem my cheapskateness as well as my scientific skilz 'cause I figured eggshell mainly consisted of calcium, which I was pretty sure from my Poultry Science days was not a protein and eggs dye up pretty good.

This trial also lead me back to square one. See that pink yarn in the above photograph? Too lazy to scroll back? here:

This pink yarn is the result of the purple out of an Easter egg dye kit that I was too disheartened to continue rising out. Very sad. *tear*

So on I moved to the acid dyes, which by the look of things are coming along quite nicely. Here they are simmering for 30 minutes in their dye baths.

And here they are strung out along the line prior to their final rinse.

So my total cost for this "cheap" cotton yarn and the headache it caused me? I don't even want to figure it up. Next time I'll leave the dying to the professionals and buy it when their through.

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