July 23, 2008


There are some posts which write themselves and others that ...don't. This is one of those posts. I've got a great topic, it's just I have no way of relating it to anything else one this blog recently. Which thinking about it, perhaps that is a bit like me in the way that my hobbies don't tend to relate to any of my other hobbies. If my hobbies where on the SAT it would read: Knitting is to composting as manga is to... a)yoga b)html code c)canning or d)walking the dog. (BTW, all of thsoe are hobbies of mine.)

Moving on with an awkward transition. In my time away from everything knitting including any actual knitting, this knitting blog and even ravelry *gaspgasp* I found myself buying fabric in enough colors to form rainbows.

I've mentioned it before but making rainbows delights me to no end. I really must find more patterns with rainbows. You can be nothing but deliriously happy when you've got Roy G. Biv staring back at you. . . and perfectly aligned mitered corners. Good mitered corners are just another way of screaming very quietly to the world that you are every bit as fabulous as the aforementioned rainbow. I am especially proud of those corners as they are in a pattern found only in my brain.

You read that right. I am making this up as a I sew. I already have half this "quilt" sewn up and the remaining pieces are cut and ready to stitch together. It should be around 38" by 42" when I'm done. It's perfectly sized for a friend's newborn coming in November, if I can part with it, because after all it is a giant rainbow and we know how I feel about those.

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turtlegirl76 said...

It's absolutely stunning! I <3 rainbows too. But I'm loving your miters.