March 25, 2008

Tuesday Overload

Yesterday was a busy day, so I did not get a chance to sit down and blog about all the good things Easter brought me (besides a Savior who arose on the third day). So hold on to your panties ladies, your about to experience Tuesday Overload.

First, a happy little package came in mail all the way from Alabama. JP sent me his Christopher loved Options Case. I say that with much love from Maya and Nigel. They were very interested in it because of Christopher. For a moment after I opened the box and presented it to all the animicules for inspection Maya's eyes glazed over like she was having visions of tabby cats.

Maya's fantasies aside, JP read a post of mine where I mentioned that I would have to wait anxiously await the revival of the binder from knitpicks just after ordering a massive stash of their interchangeable needles. So, he kindly offered up his case as he decided that he liked their zippy-baggy-thing better. And I am so glad he does. JP, you made a very happy TURBOchic. As you can see I immediately put it to good use. THANK YOU SO MUCH JP!

(As you can see Maya was unwilling to let it out of her site, even for a picture. Notice the furry foot at the top of the picture. I left it uncropped just for Christopher.)

But what's that you have been viewing in the back ground of that wonderful options case? It's the start of my log cabin quilt. I have been seeing this warm vs. cool rainbow quilt in it's knitted version all over ravelry. And I wanted one, but was unwilling to spend hours knitting it. So the decision was made to sew on up.

Plus, then I could have totally cute back ground.

I picked out fabrics a while back and drove my happy self up to Grandma's this Easter weekend to work on it at her house. All the while driving myself completely bonkers with Grandma's inane worrying. Don't get me wrong. I love my Grandma and she's second to none when it comes to quilting. But if she asks me one more time if I like it-I am going to scream. Yes, the last one was a horrible mistake which will never see the light of day again. (Except for this link, just so you can also experience the horrors.) But if you expect me to jump up and down clapping at how much better this one is, you've got another thing coming Granny.

The good news is that she had some very neat tricks to make log cabining very easy. This post is already going on unreasonably long, so I won't share them now. Remind me and I'll share them later.

Also, I had to stop at W@lmart for some batting because I left mine at home. Oops. To the craft section I go! Somehow these two fabric jumped into my buggy from the clearance bin.

I have no idea how, but fabric stash enhancement here I come!


J.P. said...

I am so glad that you like it. I am also happy to hear that Maya got such a thrill! hehe

turtlegirl76 said...

I love my binder. I love zonda's cases too, but for my options and harmonies, it's the binder all the way.