July 21, 2008

Pop my STR Cherry

YARN PRON!! Let's start the week off with a bang, shall we? Earlier this month Cristi posted about her "Spring Fling' socks in 'Pondscum' STR and that pretty much settled it for me. (That first link is for you non-ravelers and a ravelry link for those smart knitters.)

I had to own my very own pair of the exactly the same socks, so I ordered my very first Socks That Rock yarn in a semi-solid lightweight as a happy little self-pat on the back for becoming full-time at my job. (This is something the Hubby and I have been waiting on for two years, but I don't want to go into all that.) I'm hoping something else goes well at work I can blame for another yarn purchase. *nods head enthusiastically*

This color is so delicious and I am loving the way it works up in the pattern. I wasn't all that impressed with the pattern until I saw it blogged about by Cristi. And now, well lets just say that I will blame her when the Hubby starts to do the I-need-attention-dance.

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turtlegirl76 said...

I will happily take the blame. =)

And geez! I knew I was behind on my blogroll but not JULY behind! Gah!