May 14, 2008

Rainbow Jays

I printed out the jaywalker pattern from magknits when it first came out in 2005. It was carefully placed in my big binder of patterns that have caught my eye. The binder was in a highly accessible spot right next to the yarn, so that I could peruse it for inspiration or out of shear boredom. In 2007, the binder was packed up and moved along with all of my other processions when we bought the new house. It was unpacked and put right out in the open, so that it could easily nabbed when the mood hit me. On such occasions, I would take it out and flip through all my patterns. Often while passing the jaywalker pattern I would think to myself, "A lot of people have gushed about how great this pattern is. I should knit it." and then I would continue flipping through the rest of the patterns just to be sure.

That's usually where it ended. Until Ravelry. Can you hear the walls crashing down on you? That's what Ravelry does. It breaks all willpower and reminds you of all the things you loved when you were 5. (And then you knit them.)

I know for a fact that I loved rainbows at age five and also at much later ages. In kindergarden, I could always tell my box of crayons from everyone else's, because my were organized in ROYGBIV fashion. Fast forward to fourth grade when I discovered tie-dying (and perms) for the first time. I had my very first rainbow socks, which I displayed prominently with my black stirrup pants and bass loafers. I might add that the loafers also had rainbow curly laces. I was hypnotic people. Hypnotic! Even later, I discovered the adult way to show my affection for the rainbow love, in the form of baby blankets.

It occurs to me that should I ever take on a super-alter-ego, I could totally use rainbows as my motif. Spider-man has his web. Superman has his stylized 'S.' Harry Potter has his scared forehead. Why shouldn't I use it as my motif? Except....Damn those gays! They stole my theme. (Never mind they started it in 1978 before I was born.) I wonder if I could use it anyway?

After all on Ravelry, I do have an alter ego. I have an alter ego who is not ashamed to favorite every damn rainbow item she finds. "But what," you ask "does this have to do with jaywalkers?" Get ready for it. Your eardrums are about to burst from the high velocity air rushing away from those walls falling. On Ravelry, some genius of a woman, God bless her, knit herself a pair of jaywalkers which perfectly showcases the fabulousness that is rainbows. And I copied her.


And I couldn't help but include the following pic as it contains evidence of the Hubby doing yard work some thing he much despises and puts off as long as possible. Don't believe me? Last week we lost the puppy we were puppysitting in the grass. This photograph is historical evidence y'all. Plus, it's a really good shot of my rainbow sock.

So forget about words like "stylish" and "appropriate work attire" knit yourself up some of these bad boys and be glad you have such a fabulous damn motif for you super alter ego.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh pretty rainbow socks! That is the perfect pattern for that yarn.

And you LOST a puppy in the grass? Wow. That's saying something.

ikkinlala said...

Very pretty!

I generally ignore concepts like "stylish" for socks. I think it's important to have fun with at least one part of my clothing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so jealous now. I have seen you pose for multiple sock pictures for weeks and I have yet to complete my first and only (1) hopeless sock. We sooooo need to get together so it can be finished and I can pose the completed sock for the world to see!!! Noob to the Rescue. :)

elizabeth said...

I love those! I too have had that pattern printed out for ages (like two years) but haven't knit it.

Your socks make me hungry for a (frozen) Rainbow Pop.

The Chickengoddess said...

Wow, those are beautiful! The yarn is amazing, what is it?

Claudia said...

I LOVE YOUR SOCKS! I think you can still use the rainbow theme for yourself. Makes me want to knit a pair of Jaywalkers, too. Hope the puppy wasn't lost for too long without food and shelter. ;-)