February 28, 2008

WIP Thursdays

You may have been wondering where that other not pictured ball of ecowool has wondered off to. Or you may be wondering if I am actually working on anything at all as I haven't posted any thing but pictures of yarn in the past...entire month of February.

There has been progress peps, it just isn't all that blog worthy because it keeps getting interrupted by the wii. Recently, gaming has come before knitting which pretty much makes me a geek. Actually, what makes me an official geek is that now when I walk into BestBuy with the Hubby, I make beeline for the video games. The I-tech crowd is hosting my induction Friday. BYOD. Bring. Your. Own. Dice. (Oh No! Even my humor has gone geek!) I will be presenting my speech on "The best wrist movements for beating Harry Potter 5." You can identify me by this shirt:

(Thanks Noob. I love it.)

So progress. First of all I have been knitting exciting mitered squares with a fervor rival to that of an Evercrack addiction. (Ask me how I know. I dare you.) Mitered squares are the new dishclothes, which I might remind you that I proclaimed dishclothes to be the new socks way back last October.

I love my mitered squares. They are merino soft. They are fantastically colored. They are a take anywhere knit. They are my favorite shape. Unfortunately, they do not make good blogging material. Quick look at cat-->

This knit has been Maya Approved.

Secondly, Aimee , the evil enabler she is, convinced me that I just had to knit up a Hemlock ring Blanket with her. So with phrases like "Look, we have the yarn!" and "You can borrow Cristi's needles." and "I have the pattern right here with me." I dove right in. I cast on those 8 tiny stitches and watched them blossom into 312 under my faithful diligence (when I wasn't trying to winguardem leviosa an item to the right spot). I basked in the glory that is lace made of worsted weight yarn on size ten needles. I felt particularly speedy using a pattern that is 99% knit stitches. I admired my handy work as it grew with each yarnover. I cannot fit any more stitches onto a 32" circular needle. I need to order some options interchangeable needles, because it has a 60" cable.

Wait, my birthday is coming up right? Maybe I can get some needles out of that....or another video game....

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