October 17, 2006

Dishrags are the new socks.

I know Monday I promised yarn p@rn and a gruesome gallery of cat inflicted damage, but I have fallen in love. Not with another man, much to my husband's relief, but with dishrags. I can make them in any pattern for in short period of time. No gauging or swatching is required, cause let's face it, dishrags ARE large swatches. I can use heinously cheap and tacky yarn. They don't even have to match in size. And one skein makes two or three rags. Dishrags are the perfect knitted item.

(Wheatfields on left, Infinite Chevron on right)

Alright, because I realize that not everyone can apperciate the beauty of a knitted dishrag I move onto yarn p@rn. Saturday, while I was off Croptoberfesting with my Mom, my Knitpicks yarn came in the mail. Two skeins of Ambrosia (80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Cashmere) in grass and three of Quarry (75% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Peruvian Wool, 5% Nylon) in Ubatuba. This will be the yummiest Cathode ever. Maya agrees.

Warning! The following is not intended for those with heart conditions or those recovering from chest pains. The following images may cause shortness of breathe, permanent eye damage, high blood pressure and muscle tension.

Sir Nigel, aka the cat now in detention, discovered the bag that contained the yarn for Baby Tart over the weekend. Apparently, this bag was stiff enough to pass for crunchy and Nigel was all over it. Normally he sticks to chewing on corrugated cardboard and spitting it back out in bits and pieces for a three foot radius. The hubby was so engrossed in computer games there was now way to stop the chewing fest. Unfortunately, the string that connected my work to the ball o' yarn in the bag must have gotten in the way somehow and he chewed through that too. Nigel is not normally my bag chewer, I normally watch out for Maya on that game. (Y'all I don't understand it, but she licks plastic grocery bags. She will lick the color off mylar wrapping paper if your not careful. I think it gets her high-she's an indoor only cat after all.)

The separation.

Close-up of that gory scene.


Leslie said...

Maya looks pissed that you shoved yarn all around her. I'm so sorry about the tart. Charlie once chewed through my sheet because his new chew bone was under it.

Whimsical Knitting said...

I love the cloths! LOL, I know what you mean, you can mindlessly knit them!
Bad kitty, Bad kitty!

LOL, my cat licks plastic grocery bags, too! He is an indoor only cat, too. Give him a box and plastic and he's in cat heaven!