January 21, 2008

Hang ten

I'm gonna ride this boat of monogamy for as long as it lasts, because it turns out that if you stick to one thing instead of spreading yourself over many things that you get a ton of work done. (Imagine what would happen if someone informed your boss of that theory!)

I am loving the color combo. Yes, I bought this yarn with these pants in mind. I have gone to that level. I am purchasing yarn which matches my outfits that alone should make me a Master Knitter.

But as you all are well aware, I can't knit without something to worry about.

First is the fit. I have 31.5" bust measurement (much every middle school boy's amusement and my chagrin, but moving on) and I am knitting the 29-32" size. My thought was that the best fitting ones on Ravelry are the snug, shapely ones. And previous experiences with cotton have taught me to knit a little smaller than I actually require, because cotton has no memory.

This how ever is making me very nervous. It's cutting it very close. Splitting hairs close.

Second, may present The Captain of Knotty Skeins, myself. It has happened to me again. I swear the yarn companies are in direct communication with the Yarn Gods and they think this is funny. This time with machine grease!

All that being said, I am still in love with this design. It's addictive like cherry flavored fun dip. I can't stop until it's all done.


turtlegirl76 said...

I prefer the blueberry.

Actually I just like the dipping stick.

J.P. said...

I am sending you happy vibes that the knots will go away. Quickly.

The Chickengoddess said...

Mmmmm cherry fun dip. What a pretty pattern! That color would look awful on me, but I love it. Good luck with the monogamy, I was doing it with the shawl, but at the last minute something else jumped on the needles!