January 18, 2007

A new look...

I've mentioned it before, I can't stand to stare at the same layout forever. So yes, I've changed the look again. My favorite part was the berries in the top right corner to symbolize Agriculture and all aspects of it in my life. I also liked the number 26 in the corner, which is my age this year. Plus, blue is a lot easier on the eyes than the orange. Don't ya think?

In knitting news, which is going very slowly, I am using the 150+ yards of left over Louet from the shawl jacket to knit a scaled down version of Mellor's hearts and stars blanket. I changed it to a four by four square blankie instead of a five by seven. Trimming down the number of cast on stitches from 167 to 135. Also, reducing the mind numbing 10 rows of seed stitch between squares. Yay Progress!

(Click to enlarge)

However, I would like to lodge a complain and question with the knitting community at large. Does this happen to anyone as much as it does to me?

Just in case you didn't click to zoom in on this picture, I'll illuminate for you with another picture. A single skein tied together!
It's driving me nuts! It's happened on my Addrienne Vittadini yarn for Dianna, my Plymouth Royal Bamboo yarn for Poppy, and a couple others I can't even remember I'm so mad. Is this a common problem or am I just cursed? I paid $13.50 plus tax for this stupid yarn, and I want to use as much of it as possible! I want those 12 inches it takes to weaving ends and cut off the waste! It's not like you can frog the stupid 6 inches of a 30 some inch long of a baby blanket and take it back to the store of a refund...can you?

Well, at any rate who would want to reknit all that work? Not me. I wouldn't be as upset if this was el cheapo, Wal-mart yarn, which never seems to be tied together. Or even the higher quality, cheap Knitpicks yarn, which I have prolly had this problem occur before, but am currently blocking it in my rage. Due to the fact, that they are cheaper to begin with, so it's not as much of a loss and you prolly bought extra yarn anyway. Plus when you bought it online, you know you bought more than was necessary to avoided shipping and tax for that matter.

Thankfully, this yarn is yummy on the hands, I love the color and the pattern is super easy, so I haven't been completely turned off from knitting it all together. Unfortunately, I have almost used all my leftover yarn and am squeamish to go back to the yarn store to get more. Though, I guess I could get her to wind it there for me and we would see if it had any knots in then. Oh, I love it when I'm brilliant!

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Jen said...

Oh! I just recalled the same problem happened in my knitpicks ambrosia yarn for the edging of cathode. Add another one to the tally.