January 23, 2008

Rusted Root Deuce

"Sk@nky" was not exactly the look I was going for when I cast this on. Nor was "looks painted onto my skin." I am not Pl@yboy model and never go for that exact look. However, this version of Rusted Root seems to be going for just that.

So what was has now become this:

Which in turn is now this:
I'm not completely upset because I kind of saw this coming and I get to fix all those mistakes from the last one. Like EZ says, "Oh look! More of my favorite hobby!" and I love this pattern, so fun to knit. I think I have been morphed into a top down sweater girl, which ironically I was avoiding because I don't like the look of raglan seams. HA!

First I am starting with a provisional crocheted cast on, so that when I need to pick up stitched for my neckline, they are already in place with no weird seams. This makes me very happy.

Two, I can fix all the m1 stitches where I didn't twist the bottom stitch to close up the hole from making a new stitch. I only did this like three times on the last one, but unfortunately all three of those stitches where on the front and it was bugging the hell out of me. Now no more holes! Presto!

Three, I made use of my swift. I could have just used my ball winder to take apart my sweater, but playing with the new swift was an added bonus. I even got the hubby involved. He really like watching the sweater unravel.

Much more progress soon.


elizabeth said...

Isn't Rusted Root a tight-fitting top? I think it looked fine, but if you were going to be uncomfortable wearing it, you did the right thing. Husbands DO like to rip, don't they? ;o)

The Chickengoddess said...

I am a big fan of the knitting do over. May as well make the investment and end up with exactly what you want rather than be resentful and ultimately waste all the work because you won't use the piece. It does take a bit of bravery, though to do it. An admirable decision.