June 19, 2006


Vacation was wonderful. We missed that whole hurricane issue, but still managed to get the high winds. All I'm saying is if you needed mircodermabrasion, you coulda had it free this past week at Myrtle Beach. The Hubby was wonderful and let me pick almost all the activities. (His conference gave us free tickets to Cirque Du Soleil.) Also, you will be happy to know that you can now tell were my legs end and my socks begin. I am the appropriate shade of not-so-pale. Just enough sun to give me some color, but not enough to give me skin cancer. Which sounds as medically aware as a person can get, but its really just my vanity. I would like to as least have good skin when I am old, because wrinkles just aren't much fun to look forward too. Most of all, it was wonderfully relaxing.

I won't leave you hanging, though. I did get some knitting done in the car.

The first FO of the year!


Pattern: Adrienne Vittadini Dianna no. 6
Yarn: Adrienne Vittadini Dianna in Maize, just at 5 skiens, but I was not able to do all the picot edging, nor did I want to. Bought it "discount" and paid for what I got. ARGH!

There she is folks all pinned down to block. If I may say so myself, she turned out pretty good. A few goof ups here and there, but nothing that really bothers me and nothing a non-knitter can tell. For those of you who are knitters, the "oopsies" that glare at you like highbeams in the rearview mirror, just look away. Next up from AV is Celia, when the yarn comes in that is.

Speaking of yarn coming in. My Cloud yarn arrived while I was on vacation. This is the yarn I had to exchange because silly me ordered the wrong color. I went ahead and got 3 more skiens for an even 10 and so far I am happy with my knitpicks order. I'm going to start work on this next and hope that my Weasley sweater finishes itself. I started working on the pattern today with a little help from this sweater pattern generator. I am using it as a basis and making the rest up as I go. Hopefully, because this is a stylized sexy vest, it will turn out well. If nothing else the yarn is super soft to the touch ( 55% Superfine Alpaca, 23% Silk, 22% Merino Wool).

Update: fans and lace baby blanket. I haven't quite made up my mind on it. Awfully Ugly or Awesomely Colorful? What do you think?
Nigel helps me photograph (That's nice put for Pet me, dammit!). In fact, he helps me go the bathroom, read, watch movies, sit down anwhere, like at the computer while I'm trying to type. If I'm not sitting, but rather standing to say, cook dinner, he'll lay at my feet. If I move, he'll follow and lay down again. He'd help me sleep if I let me. Do ya think he missed me? Nah.

Our cat sitter liked him so much, he told me today that he'd like a clone of Nig, since the real thing is unavailable. Yes, we paid someone ( a friend) to come over to feed, play and scoop poop, because our cats are too good to be boarded for any amount of time. Plus, the friend was cheaper. (I'm not even going into Maya's disfunctional eye swelling that occurs when she under goes any stress, like going to the vets for shots-which doesn't happen anymore.)

I hope all your summers are going well and if you find some spare time I'll be happy to distract you with more knitting.

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Becky said...

What a beautiful top! I love the lace detail.