January 10, 2008


It's a WIP! It's a FO! No it's an FOWIP!*

Okay, okay, okay. Somedays the ability to write a clever title is just sucked right out of me. And other days your friends just use them before you. Hang in there with me. One day I will be able to come up with doozies like this. You have no idea how many tears I shed when I read that one the first time. It's still pretty damn funny. *dries eyes* Now, I'll be getting on with it.

You all remember this infant sock. With that handsome ginger model, how can you forget it?

Well check it out now! It found on a home a perfectly sized foot!

See, gauge is completely useless. If I had of actually bothered with gauge these would not have been perfect for Wee One, whose mother actually squeed when I brought them out to try on (I thought they might be too small). Apparently, La dyed her favorite colors ever and I just so happened to win them and knit them up into the perfect baby socks.

I also ended up giving Wee One and Mom this beauty, but forgot to take a picture of it. We were too busy laughing at the Wee One when we tried it on her with no shirt under it. Plunging necklines? Check. Midriff bare? Check. Three quarter length sleeves? Check. Enter
Hoochie Wee One. The Wee One's father was appropriately shocked over me calling his first born a Hoochie, but Wee One's Mother was bent over from laughter, so I think it's okay.

Wee One also got the Jellybean Hat which will take a little while to grow into, but was equally appreciated. As Wee One's Mom admired it she said, and I quote, "See [Wee One's Father], I so need to learn how to do this! Think of all the money I'd save."

At which the Hubby and I promptly snorted, but I offered to teach her anyway by bribing Wee One's Father that if Wee One's Mom was knitting, he'd get more computer time. The Hubby helped by nodding his head in a big way. I think I may have swayed Wee One's Father.

Best of all the Hubby held his first baby EVER!

*FOWIP, because the FO is on a WIP. Get it it? Maybe not....


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo. Nigel and cute little baby feet all in one blog... What more could you ask for? You have excellent titles however you do tend to use the words yarn and porn in the same title A LOT!!! But what'ev. Um, so when do I get some cute booties and a hoochie top for my wee one (once I have her that is?) I think they would go awesome with my grape fruit hat. Which my child WILL wear!


elizabeth said...

Your husband looks a little, um, terrified!

turtlegirl76 said...

Did he think he was going to break it? He looks so scared! Cute socks!