December 7, 2007

Christmas present for a one footed friend

i.e. "Noob has now become Master of the Sock"

aka "MIA friend finally arrives with knitting progress"

Noob sent me sock progress shots and included blog titles. Also, as you can see, she put her SIP (Sock in Progress) on over another sock just so none of us saw her *gasp* naked foot! Does this sound like the interesting thought process of a knit blogger to you?
*Update* She has called to inform me that she is through the heel flap and would like to turn the heel now. Could I just drive down tonight and show her that one bit? hahahaha!

Okay so I made up that last part, but she is anxious to get starting turning the heel. I may actually have to take turning a heel progress shots and post them for her, but for now my internet is down at home and I am posting from work.
Yes, I did wear them multicolored and all visible to the world. Everyone at work loved them. One coworker even decided that I needed to teach her how to purl. She picked out a lovely seed stitch baby blanket to drive herself insane. Maybe I can show her the joy that is knitting socks instead....


Hockey Mom said...

You have the BEST socks life!

Anonymous said...

OK, first of all MIDDLE OF DECEMBER!!!, my feet were cold and yes (gasp) no one needs to see my feet as they are during winter (non-pedicure) time. I think I have to double the heel flap as I only had 8 rows when I took the picture. I am on row 12 now so let me know if I need to stop!!