January 9, 2008

The Burrow

We are almost to FO status on this one, baby. One sleeve down, the second one cast on and only a neckline to go. I'm so close I can almost taste it. Tastes like raspberry jelly. (That's what I imagine they eat a lot of in the burrow.)

It turns out car rides are the perfect solution to boring st st sleeves. First, what else are you going to do if you are the passenger? Second, The Hubby's arms are always stretched out holding the steering wheel and lastly, there's pleasant company, if you're not trying to help navigate. Judging by the length of that second sleeve, we made need to take another trip soon.

As you can tell I am blatantly ignoring the proper way to construct a sweater. I have:

1. Switched from knitting in the round to flat when required.
2. After finishing the front and back, promptly seamed the shoulders with a Japanese (3 needle) Bind off.
3. Increased willy-nilly up the sleeves until I reached my own required number of stitches. I feel like Gumperina for all the computations done.

4. Additionally, I knit the sleeves flat until I felt like they could manage to stretch around my circular needles when I began to knit in the round.
5. Then I seamed those suckers up!
6. The only reason I haven’t stitched that singular arm to the body is because it’s way more convenient to carry around on it’s own and I do have to glace at it from time to time to make sure my increases on the other arm increase in the exact same willy-nilly fashion.

I am praying for a fervor to come over me the way it has for the hearts and stars blankie, but more on that tomorrow.

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elizabeth said...

Look at you go! Avoid SSS at all costs! Drive to Vegas!