January 14, 2008

FO Monday

Better than Booties Baby Socks

by Ann Budd. I knit these on size one needles using magic loop method with leftover yarn from my monkey socks in color way 'River Rock'. There's still leftover yarn. I think I will be making many more little socks after this pair went over so well. If I make them waaaaay ahead of time maybe the baby won't grown faster than I can keep up with, right? Right? *looks concerned*

Mods: I made the teeny-tiny cuffs even tinier by using a 2x2 rib instead of the st st with lace cuff. I thought ribbing just made more sense. It has more flexibility built in, ya know? And y'all do know, because y'all knit. Moving on...

I changed the called-for zig-zag bind off to the (Japanese) three needle bind off. I wasn't real thrilled with the bulky bind off on the other set. No one seemed to really notice but me, however, it still bugged me. I had the brilliant idea of keeping my mouth shut (not something I'm real good at) about the so-called "flaw" and low and behold no one ever mentioned a thing about it. Not one peep. If you ignore a problem it really does go away!

But if you have a bug up your butt the way I do, it will bother you after the item has left your house and all you have are blurry pictures to stare at when you put it on your cat and wiggly baby feet. So, the (Japanese) three needle bind off works just as well as the zig-zag bind off in the fact that it leaves no seam to rub the tiny toesies. (Zig-zag bind off described here. You may have to register for the newsletter to see the pattern, but this is the first one that doesn't come with any junk email. Honestly.) It does, however, leave you with one row of stitches to bind off instead of the none rows that zig-zag bind off leaves you with. If you are clever, and I dare say that 99% of you are, you will use the normal pass the right stitch over the left stitch bind off as you go along three needling your way down the row to have none stitches left. (Don't get all distracted wondering if you are the 1%...move along....move along.)

I didn't do that. I was far too persnickety to do that. I three needled my way down the line of stitches leaving myself with that very row of loose-what-to-do-with-these?-stitches. Then from the far end opposite of the yarn tail and I came back down the line of stitches passing left over right (because the needles have been flipped you see), so that I could just pull the last stitch out and weave the end in right there. I was very proud of myself for having the foresight of easing my analosicity ahead of time without having to rip everything out. Yes, analosicity is a word. Shuddyap.

Just admire the sock and forget that 1% of you are not clever enough....

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