January 15, 2008

Merry Christmas in January

Noob visited with her sock last Friday night where we turned at heel! And surpassed a gusset! We have no pictures, because I was too busy knitting away at the FO from yesterday. Noob, get on that so I can post about it.

Noob is a phenomenal recruit. Watch your backs, she'll be stealing the lime light soon. You show her something once and you never have to show it to here again. I would like to credit my own teaching skills here, but really she is just that good. We are already planning what sock yarns she needs next year at SAFF. That garter stitch scarf lay forgotten, because well...it's not a sock ya know? Also it's bulky and in acrylic. 'nough said.

Also, We finally exchanged Christmas gifts. Mine was well received. Let me tell you how I both adored and loathed buying knitterly things for a knitting friend. Noob finally got her sheep sock tote and turtle stitch markers. I was sad to see the sheep tote leave the house. I really wanted it. I contemplated switching out mine and hers, but I had already blogged about mine. Foiled by my own blog! She loved the bag and the stitchmarkers.

Unfortunately, my bag did not come with sock yarn and needles.

Noob's bag did not come empty as shown,
but rather with a pair of scissors and the following :

I also got to love on 'my' other SAFF purchase. 100% merino mill ends in glorious fall shades. I haven't decided if I will try to knit a cute top from this book or a mitered-square something from this book. The hubby particularly liked the multicolor in the upper right corner.

What do y'all think?

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