December 11, 2007

One sock does not pair make?

This has got to be the biggest sock I have ever knitted.

I have always thought my cankles with their 60 stitches were "chunky" to put it politely, and my husbands thin-no lithe ankles were so attractive. Weh-ell, this new 96 stitches really puts my ankles in to perspective. 96 stitches is a serious circumference. It's not that his calves are toned to perfection.* Its that his foot is 5 times the size of a normal person. His monster feet just make is ankle appear to be shapely. That Coke can is placed in the frame for perspective. HUGE!

The next sock shows his "high score" and the worth of each alien. The design has more negative space where I need more black yarn to fill in. I'm beginning doubts that the 440 yds that came in the skein will be enough for both his feet. It's gonna be a nail-biter until the very end.

But looky what came in the mail today...

What you can't guess what comes in a squishy package like this? Here's another hint...

I did not order this yarn, so I can only guess that this is an anonymous yarn gift. No, no, no. It must be Christmas Yarn! I requested the pattern and yarn to knit up a Rusted Root and the yarn to finish up this baby blankie. Ohhh, which one is it? I am having a really hard time not diving right into the package as the Hubby is out of town. He won't really know if I snuggled with the yarn for a few days prior to Christmas, right?

*Actually, he does have really nice legs. I'd post a picture if he'd let me.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Tell him it's a requirement to model the finished socks once they're done. It looks great!