December 15, 2007

Something I have not yet discussed

Or at least I don't think I have discussed it at length yet.

It's the Bayerische sock I am knitting with the yarn I dyed pink myself. I started this SIP at Charlotte Yarn when I visited Fun Fairie Girl and Turtlegirl last month. I managed to cast on, knit the ribbing, decided that I sample of SOAK and it wasn't worth whipping out the credit card for $1.75, so I bought a pair of Addi Lace circs (size 1), got settled back into my chair, knit about a repeat and a half (around 20 rows) put it down to chat and then it just sat. In bag getting ignored.

It's not you it's me. Your a gorgeous pattern and the points on your needles are all sharp. It's just...You see, I'm a tight knitter. And when I'm around you, I crank up the tension between us trying to get your cables just so. Your cables are lovely and they flow in delicate little designs. So you see it's like I said before. I can't help but to pull hard on your strings...and I may not totally love your coloring.

I am thinking about over dyeing with Black Cherry once I finish this sock. This pattern is really more suited to a solid color in my opinion. I have a hard time purchasing any other colors for socks than my lovely variegated skeins. I thought that I could get by using a semi-solid. However, in less than three inches, I believe that Bayerische has proven me wrong. It requires a total of one color in one hue. The cabling is enough to keep you interested in what your doing.

Speaking of interesting, I don't think that I will be giving all my hard work on this sock away as planned. Mainly, because I think after I finish one sock it may be a while before I knit the second. Like, never-kind-of-a-long-while. Honestly, I think I picked up this sock because I wanted to prove to myself that I was a Knitter, not a knitter. I like simple projects. I know that there aren't many techniques that I can't eventually figure out. So, why did I need to prove this to myself? Because I like self imposed tribulation? Am I some sort of masochist?

Why for the life of me will I not give up this project now that I know my more than slightly unsound reasoning for starting it? Does anyone else do this to themselves? Or is it just me?

Am I alone in my struggle? Does any one else do this ever?


jenifleur said...

Nah. I knit them and baby, it was a slog. They look great, there's no denying it. I even love mine in all it's variegated pinkness, but socks should not be that much work. They're socks, not wedding shawls, ya know?

turtlegirl76 said...

Stop now if you aren't happy and don't think you'll knit the buddy. There's oodles of patterns out there. Don't do it.

elizabeth said...

Don't knit it just because you can. And you can. You know it and we know it and there's no need to prove it!

That said, they're lovely socks. :o)