December 10, 2007

And what did you do at work today?

I took more pictures of my socks.

You would think I have nothing better to do. I swear I have been bogged down putting in tons of overtime because work is so stacked. So don't go acting all like that. You know you need handknit sock breaks too. Wouldn't everyone at work be in such a better place if they were forced to take knitting breaks? Think of all the smokers that would stop smoking! I could improve the health of most smokers and their wallets by 100 percent, if people would just listen to me.

But lets not get carried away, first I just need my coworkers to listen to me, minus the knitting. (Although, now when I think about it, they might just be ignoring me so they don't have to pretend to be enamored with my knitting...)

This has nothing to do with the fact that the fiber(optic cable) has been down at our house for a week and I am reduced to taking pictures and uploading them at work.

I called my provider today and they fixed everything up on their end. Apparently, when they spliced the line for the neighbors down the road, the work crew took "the provision" off my account. It would seem this "provision" is necessary for the interwebs to work. Tim, my personal support specialist, added "the provision" back to my account. He magically confirmed that I had interweb at the house from his desk at work. I'm not really sure how that works, because when I ran home at lunch I didn't have the interwebs. I might go into Cuteoverload withdrawal soon. (Also, if I haven't commented on your blog in awhile that is why.)

Tonight, I try Hubby Tech Support. So, far it's the best customer support I've had. Typically, HTS does it's thing before I even notice there is a problem. But should a problem arise, it's always on call. And I don't even need to use the phone-I can just whine! It even comes with free sex...errr, yea...moving on.

HTS is out of state right now, so I will have to use HTS via the phone. This should be interesting as I have come completely dependent on this product. I think I have forgotten what a 'jack' looks like. It's the thing the cable connects to right? It brings the interwebs to the house? You want me to run what prompt in what DOS? Do computers even run on DOS anymore?

Okay, enough with the geek humor. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have interwebs and I will be able to show you tantalizing photos of an-80's-child-4ever-socks, which is just waaaay cooler than geek jokes.


elizabeth said...

Oh no! No interwebs! How will you survive! And yes, I think sock knitting breaks would be awesome!

Margo said...

"I could improve the health of most smokers and their wallets by 100 percent, if people would just listen to me."

Actually, I beg to differ on one aspect - if we converted all smokers to knitters, I doubt their wallets would be much better off.... I'm sure I spend a decent smoker's budget on yarn! ;-)

Jen said...

After many, many days of searching and a complete nincompoop, I have finally figured out at way to respond to you. (Apparently, the ability to blog does not make one computer savvy.)

You have a valid point there. I'm sure most knitters do spend decent smoker's budget on yarn, but we all know that buying yarn doesn't count as an expense. Yarn is an investment!