December 30, 2007

The Gifts Continue

My next gift is not quite knitting related, but it is knitting inspired. After seeing all those delicious log cabin blankies on Ravelry. I decided that I needed my own log cabin quilt and quilting gifts were born. Behold a measuring grid, cutting mat, and rotary blade. The rotary blade is my most favoritest. How brilliant is the person who thought this up?!

I am not completely new to the world of quilting. My first quilt, above, was made for twin sized bed when I was around the 8th grade. It wasn't a piece quilt, where the fabrics are cut and sewn together. It was the actual bolt of fabric quilted (or sewn down the the batting) on front and back, which are different fabrics, and sewn together.

My second quilt was a pieced quilt with five fabrics. It was also a disaster due to clashing of those five choice of the fabrics, not due to the excellent instructor (my Grandma) or the hard-working laborer (me). Still, the quilting bug bit me. Maybe not as fast as it would have if this quilt had been something other than an visual atrocity.

As I stated previously my first plan is for a log cabin quilt. I love the knitted Joseph's blanket of many colors version in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I plan on blatantly copying it in a fabric form. I figure I can't really mess up the colors then. So, I am off to do some fabric shopping.

Wish me luck!

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