October 11, 2005


ah the caps lock button....oh well, i am too lazy to fix it. just be glad that i am finally getting my act together to actually type an entry, but wait there's more! i must somehow pacify the ever-loving Nigel. Kneeding in the stomach while i type just won't do ...

.....there he's somehow settled into my lap/drapped across my arms. i figure this is revenge for the kicking him out of the bedroom at night, so M and i can actually sleep. you would think that howling and clawing at the door al night was enough, but no...he's got to have attention (takes after his mama that way.)

Many things have occured since you last heard from me.

1. mother's birthday also passed. took her out to see SERENITY. it was good, go see it. first go watch the series Firefly. so that you are a proper addict. SERENITY didn't come out in our piddley theater, so we spent three dollars extra ontop of the $9.50 priced tickets to get the tickets in advance. We knew the movie had a big occult following and we figured it would sell out in Gwinnett. We arrived at 6:45 for the 6:45 on a saturday showing and only one other person was in the theater. DOH! but a good 20 more showed up before the show started.

2. M discovered we have a mouse. sent kitties into the basement on purpose for the first time.

3. M drove with some buddies to the world beer festival in NC. fancies himself a beer connoisseur. boys get lots of beer and turkey legs. mean while, i went to grandma's house to learn to quilt. didn't bring enough fabric and had to go out to the store to pick out more. i only got some fabrics i was not to in to the results can be seen below. think paramecium meets the orient.

but some squares turned out better than others. . .
over all the results were "a fun project, but hate the fabric".

Next time i will be more careful about picking out fabrics and designs.

4. return from festivals and grandma's allow kitties out of basement. no signs of mouse.

5. R don't read this-went to wal-mart and shopped to my hearts content. spent over $200 and gave M a headache. wonderful items were purchased. new decorative knee highs for work! sexy! sexy! (yes i am actually thrilled about this.) a mattress pad for our too small bed (M maybe taller than the bed is long, but now it's super soft.) purchased new yarn for more knitting projects. finally got shrek 2 on dvd. i could watch that movie a hundred times and it's just as good. kinda like "overboard." bought the kitties some Christmas presents and a locking gas cap. oh and some food.

now i away to bother m into stopping WOW worship early for some movie watchin'. don't know if it will be possible. he turned down sex earlier for WOW. i think he's a junky.

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russell said...

it's too late. i saw u shopped at wally world. u are dead to me now!!!!!!

also it's "cult" following. although i suppose if u trace the word back it's not really that different from "occult" in meaning.

although i applaud yer ruthless use of 10 pound, roving killing devices in the basement!